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General Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility for accommodation

Our sites Tscharnergut, Bümpliz Nord, WankdorfCity and Bolligen provide rental property at reasonable conditions to Swiss and international students. Accommodation is offered to enrolled students at universities or colleges of higher education or apprentices and trainees on job-training. Student immatriculation or employer confirmation is required.
Maximum income CHF 3'500.00 per month.

2. Rental agreement

2.1. Rental period

Notice period

Type A Rental Agreement
Only possible from the beginning of a semester
February 1st or September 1st
a) Fixed-term until January 31st or July 31st only, no notice required; ends on expiration of rental agreement.
b) Open-ended 30 days’ notice in advance required: termination dates January 31st, July 31st or August 31st only.
Type B Rental Agreement
Can begin any month
a) Fixed-term No notice required; ends on expiration of rental agreement.
b) Open-ended 30 days’ notice in advance required;
termination date must be the last day of a month.


2.2. Deposit

A deposit must be paid within 5 days after the room reservation, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.

2.3. Payment of rent

Rent is to be paid in advance before the 1st of the respective month.
In case of rental arrears an administration charge of CHF 50.00 will be imposed.

2.4. Payment

The most common payment cards / credit cards will be accepted from an amount of CHF 100.00.

2.5. Arrears payment

If the tenant is in arrears, a reminder period is set, within which the arrears are due to pay; additional legal action remains reserved. With the reminder, the tenant can be threatened if the payment request is not fulfilled, the tenancy will be terminated within a period of 30 days to the following month (end of month) (Art. 257d OR). For each reminder a processing fee of CHF 50.00 is due.

2.6. Bank transfer fee

Every charge in connection with bank transfer from and/or to the tenant will be charged to the tenant.

2.7. Cancellation of a rental agreement before the rental start

The following charges will apply, should a signed rental agreement be cancelled before the rental start:

Cancellation up to one month before rental start:
100% deposit

Cancellation 1-3 months before rental start:
50% deposit

Cancellation 3 months or more before rental start:
25% deposit

Rental agreements, which are not returned signed to the within 15 days following receipt, will be cancelled.

2.8. Premature termination of a tenancy agreement

Should a tenant wish to cancel his or her rental agreement without observing the period of notice stipulated in the agreement or before the expiry of the respective agreement, the following conditions will apply:
The tenant will be liable for the fulfilment of his/of her contractual obligations until the termination date stipulated in the tenancy agreement or until the expiry date of the agreement.
Or the tenant can place a new tenant (booking FEMALE, FEMALE ONLY, booking MALE; MALE ONLY) for the whole rental period. In this case the withdrawing tenant has to pay CHF 150.00 processing costs.

In case of breaches of the terms and conditions or the house rules, or in case of blameable conduct, can terminate the tenancy at any time and without notice.
In cases where terminates a tenancy without notice, the tenant will be liable for the loss of rental income until a new tenant is found or until the termination date laid down in the respective tenancy agreement.

3. Duties and obligations of the tenant

Please see the house rules.

4. Additional fees

If the property management is used outside of the opening hours and if the tenant is at fault, the following costs will be charged directly to the tenant:

17:00-22:00             CHF 100.00 Mon-Fri

22.01-07.00             CHF 200.00 Mon-Fri

From 10.01 p.m.      CHF 200.00 Friday

until 07.00 Monday

                               CHF 200.00 all public holidays

In addition, lost keys and damages caused by the tenant will be charged additionally

5. Citizens’ Registry Office and the duty to register

Tenants are required to register with the respective municipality’s Citizen’s Registry Office (Einwohnerkontrolle) within 14 days.,

6. Amendments to Terms and Conditions reserves the right to amend Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice. Any changes will be displayed on and enter into force as soon as they are online.

For further information please contact our offices at our opening hours.


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