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Enrolled students at universities or colleges of higher education, apprentices and trainees on job-training, guest lecturers, professors, teachers and speakers.

On our website you can book online (singleroom/studio). for business-apartments please contact us. (

All the rooms at our studentlodges Tscharnergut, Bümpliz Nord, Bern-Bolligen and WankdorfCity are fully furnished.
room with bed and mattress, cushion, cover and linen, table, chair, cupboard, shelf, lamp.
kitchen with stove and fridge, locker for every tenant.
shared kitchen is equipped with basics.
bathroom with toilet and shower.
shared rooms/lounges with sofa, table and chairs.
please not that rooms are furnished individually.
the apartments at Bümplizstrasse are not furnished.
kitchens are equipped with stove and fridge.

We're very busy specially during semester. Early booking is reccommended. There is a waiting list if fully booked. 

Personal belongings such as clothes, toiletries, hair dryer, towels, radio, computer and more. 

There are different kinds: type A for semester or type B on a monthly basis.
Apartments are rented with a three month notice period. 

House rules and general terms and conditions are integrated in to your rental agreement.
They are also displayed at all our sites.
Not respecting house rules can cause charges or a ban. 

Payment of deposit within 5 days needed in order to get a final confirmation of the booking.

Online payment bank or debit card or bank transfer to

Account 30-32048-3
IBAN: CH3809000000300320483
Bank: Swiss Post, PostFinance, Nordring 8, CH-3030 Bern,
Clearing number PostFinance: 09000

On receipt of deposit and rental agreement you'll receive a final confirmation of the booking and further information. 

At our studentlodge sites Tscharnergut, Bümpliz Nord, Bern-Bolligen und WankdorfCity there is an office desk. That is where you'll get your key. House management will show you through the house and inform you about the house rules.
On arrival out of the office hours you can get your key out of a key locker with a password.
In that case take your time for a tour of the house with house management the next day.

Rent is due in advance, on the first of every month at the latest.
Simpliest per standard order with your bank or monthly post or bank payment: CH-3027 Bern
Account: 30-32048-3
IBAN number: CH3809000000300320483
Bank: Swiss Post, PostFinance, Nordring 8, CH-3030 Bern
Clearing number PostFinance: 09000 
Cash or per Mastercard or VISA directly at studentlodge office.

Contact studentlodge office. We need a MAC-address. 

Please contact office. Availabilities will be checked for you.
Make sure you leave your room tidy.
Administration fee of CHF 50.00 will be charged.

In general yes. Approval of is needed.
An agreement for sublease will be established.
Main tenant will stay responsible and reliable during the whole time.
Subtenant is responsible for duties of rent.

According to the contract, you are bound by various notice periods, unless your contract is for a fixed term.
Agreement type A: one month notice on July 31st, August 31st, January 31st
Agreement typ B: one month notice for the end of any month
At our studentlodge sites Tscharnergut, Bümpliz Nord, Bern-Bolligen and WankdorfCity prepared forms to resign are available.
Three month notice with signature

According to your rental agreement the notice period is
three months for apartments
one month for agreements type B
end of semester only for agreement type A
end of rent in a rental agreement is valid, notice period is 30 days.
resigning has to be in written with signature
options notice periods with in house changes

In general no. But recommendations are possible.
There are waiting lists for the rooms. 
In our shared flats all tenants are to move out at the same time or indicate an immatriculated tenant.

We will confirm your written notice and send you a check-list for your move-out.
Make an appointment with house managment at the office.Your room has to be cleared and cleaned according the check-list.
The restitution of your room will be protocolled.
On handing back your keys at the office you'll get your deposit back.
On your check-out on a weekend we will transfer the depost and charge a handling fee of CHF 20.00.

When returning key of rental item - room, studio or apartment.
An account will be established, deducting any repair or cleaning charges at the expences of tenant.
Also not paid rent or fees of reminders.

Fees are charged as follows, when signed agreements are cancelled
100% deposit up to one month prior to begin
50% deposit one to three months prior to begin
25% deposit three months or more prior to begin