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House rules

For reasons of respect and the best living and studying conditions please respect the house rules.

Check-in & check-out

Check-in & check-out



1. Check-in

Check-in Monday to Friday between 2 pm and 4.30 pm. offices are closed on weekends and public holidays. Check here website

A key can be left in a save key box. Ask or inform Required are a signed contract, deposit and first rent paid.

Handing out the key outside check-in time is not possible.

Tenant receives his personal key, does not give it to third, informs house management when losing it. Tenant confirms furniture by signing form “inventory”.

Tenant provides passport photo.

2. Check-out

Check-out Monday to Friday between 8 am and 11.30 am. On the last weekday of the month by 11 am at the latest when your contract ends on the weekend or on a public holiday. Tenant makes appointment with house management one week prior to check-out at the latest.

Tenant is responsible for cleaning premises including closet, refrigerator. Check list is available.

At the restitution of the premises a check-out report will be established, signed by both parties. Possible costs of repairing or further cleaning will be charged to your deposit.

The deposit or amount left will be refunded in cash or by bank at extra costs.

3. Mail

Tenant gets an own mailbox that should be managed. Tenant indicates name and room number. Post will return any incorrectly addressed mail to sender. Registered mail and large parcels can be picked up at studentlodge office.

4. Guests

Tenant is responsible for his guests while on the premises. Guests staying overnight should be reported in advance by the guest form. Several visits can be marked “occasional”. Any stay longer than three nights needs to be noticed to office and will be charged CHF 30.00 per night. Only one guest at a time is allowed. Guest rooms are available at CHF 80.00 per night (max. 2 nights).

5. Premises

Tenant is responsible and liable for condition of furniture. Tenant will be charged for any damaged or missing furniture, blankets. Furniture is not to be removed from premises, no modifications are permitted.

Tenant is responsible for cleaning and frequent airing of the premises.

Damages are to be reported immediately to house management. Consequences of not reporting will be at charge of tenant.

Wall decorations only at existing fittings. No adhesive tapes on walls, doors and closets.

Kitchen devices such as cookers, kettles, toasters and own refrigerators are not allowed on the premises.

A laundy room is at tenant disposal. Do not dry laundry on your premises.

Pets are not allowed at our residences.

Internet installations other than provided by are not allowed.

Floor community

6. Floor community/kitchen community

Tenants on each floor form a floor community and are informed by their representative about news. Each floor elects their own representative at the beginning of each semester. If no representative is registered with house management, tenants are responsible to obtain information, not house management. Information is also made public on display at the reception and on each floor.

The floor community is made or held responsible (principle of solidarity) for damages on their floor, balconies or shared rooms if the person responsible cannotz be identified.

Tenant is asked to take the position of floor responsible in turnus.

Floors are cleaned weekly: rooms, shared rooms, eat in kitchens, shared bathrooms. Shared is for all facilities used by three or more rooms. When extra cleaning is needed it is at the floors community charge.

Objects blocking the cleaning or the passages will be removed after a warning notice. Costs will be charged to floor community.

a) Floor responsible / kitchen responsible

Floor community elects one resident who is responsible for the floor: house rules are respected and furniture is used adequately. He is a mediator between his floor community and house management.

Every resident is responsible to take the work of the floor responsible in turnus once.

Floor responsible, kitchen responsible attends the house meetings and passes on information to their floor community in talking or in writing, issuing the protocol.

b) Kitchen

Kitchen, dishes and cutlery are to be cleaned after every use. If not respected a cleaning will be charged to the floor community. House management will check regularlyon on kitchen, furniture, fixtures and fittings. Damages should be reported to house management.

Refrigerators and deep-freezers are to be cleaned and defrosted regularly.

Parties are not allowed in the kitchen or at balconies. Using the floor kitchen should not be disturbed by guests or tenants from other floors. They can be asked to leave their floor.

c) Balconies

Barbecue is not allowed on balconies. Conversations in low voice in respect  neighborhood. Sleep between 10 pm and 7 am.

7. Shared rooms

All shared rooms and furniture should be used properly. Any damage or defect should be reported immediately to house management. Floor community is responsible and liable (principle of solidarity) for any damage, if the person responsible cannot be identified.

a) Television room

Keep the television room tidy after use. Extra cleaning will be charged to the floor community. Music or TV devices run at low volume for respect of the neighborhood.

b) Music room

There is a music room at your disposal. Don’t practice your instrument at your room.

The instruments provided at the music room are to handle with care. Any damage is charged to tenants. No parties at the music room. Leave the music room tidy after use.

Rules of conduct

8. Rules of behaviour

a) Nuisance

In respect for the house community no disturbing noise should be made either during the day or at night. The buildings are not soundproof. Consider that when talking on the phone or skype.
Sound systems, DVD players and so on used anywhere in the building including balconies must be kept low volume. Sleeping hours between 10.00 pm and 7.00 am to be respected in the whole building and outside area, also on weekends.

b) In-house events

Parties and large assemblies of people are forbidden anywhere in the lodge.

c) Smoking

All our sites are smoke free. Damages caused by illegal smoking are charged for extra cleaning to tenant.

 d) Drugs

Consumption and storage of all illegal drugs and addictive substances will be reported to police.

e) Fire prevention

Premises are equipped with a fire detector system, only operated by house management. Prevention of fire is every residents responsibility. Any fault set-off of an alarm will be charged to the causing person. If tenant cannot be identified, costs will be charged to tenant community.
Emergency exits must be kept clear at all times, fire stairs only to be used in a case of emergency. All fire preventions measures must be followed.

9. Parking

Bicycles should be marked with owners name and room number and can only be parked at the areas in the basement or at the bicycle stand. Few parking slots for motorbikes to rent are available at the studentlodges.

10. Responsible premises/student representative

Responsible premises/student representative is the contact for tenant for any questions.
He acts as an agent between tenant and and is responsible for meetings and is in charge for respecting the house rules. 
In emergencies and outside of business hours he informs house management. 

11. Meetings

Meetings held in German usually take place at the beginning of the semester or if needed.
It is initiated and held by responsable premises/student representative. They invite house management, management, responsable floor, kitchen cashier and multimedia to the meetings. Tenant is represented and has a participation through responsable floor and kitchen. The meetings aim to talk about requests of tenant.
Decisions are taken of the priority of the present, they have to be accepted by the community. A protocol in German and English usually will be written by responsable house/student representative, read by for the attention of responsable floor and kitchen. 

12. Volunteer work

Studentlodges live a community character. Tenants working as responsable either of premises or floor or kitchen or multimedia, cashier will get a proof or certificate for their volunteer work.

13. Last but not least is in charge of supervising the house rules.
House rules are supervised by house management.

Not following house rules will have a warning and a notice to university or employer as consequence.
Violation will be prosecuted and lead to an immediate cancellation of the agreement without notice. Tenant will be made responsible and liable for any inconvenience and loss of rent to any new agreement or the end of agreement.

With signature of rental agreement tenant agrees on respecting the house rules. 

Edition August 2019
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