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Shared room in Bern

four-room-apartment for 2-4 / 00 m2

Bümplizstrasse, unfurnished, bathroom, toilet, kitchen. rent from

four-room-apartment / 72.4 m2

Bolligen, unfurnished, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, rent from

5 rooms for 4-5 / 85 m2

WankdorfCity, unfurnished, 2 shower/toilet and livingroom/kitchen rent from

5 rooms for 4-5 / 85 m2

WankdorfCity, unfurnished, 2 shower/toilet and livingroom/kitchen, with access to the atrium rent from

Are you studying at a university or university of applied sciences in Bern and looking for a shared room close to the city? With good connections to the public transport network and nearby shopping and recreational opportunities?

Then we have the ideal offer for you: has 4- and 5-room apartments with shared rooms in three top locations in Bern.

From our location in Bümpliz Nord, for example, it is only 12 minutes to the city center of Bern and only 5 minutes to the nearest grocery store.

The refreshing "Aareschwumm" in summer, the city center and local recreation, all close by.

Meet students from different countries, make friends with like-minded people, benefit from a good learning atmosphere, a modern infrastructure, and a top location.

Book your WG room today and secure your place in one of our popular WG apartments. We are looking forward to meeting you.


What belongs in a WG room?

To move into your new shared apartment, you will mainly need furniture for your personal room. A WG room is usually unfurnished, which leaves you with the task of furnishing it yourself. The basic furniture recommended is a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and possibly a chest of drawers. Additionally, rugs, lights and a nightstand can add to the comfort.

It is important to know that you do not have your own bathroom or kitchen but share them with your beloved flatmates.


What do you absolutely need in a shared apartment?

Here is a short list of the most important things that every shared apartment needs:

  • A few tools for assembling furniture or making small repairs.
  • Light bulbs, in case they all go out at once. 
  • An apartment cleaning schedule so that the apartment is always nice and clean.
  • Cleaning utensils for the realization of the chore plan.
  • Community games for the relaxed shared room evening.
  • A coffee maker to get through intensive study phases.
  • A microwave for when things have to go fast.
  • And last but not least, a large baking tray and paper for frozen pizzas.


Advantages of a shared apartment

Living in a shared apartment has several advantages. Especially at the beginning of your studies, you get to know new people in a shared flat and thus quickly find a connection. In addition, the older students usually have helpful tips for the beginning of your studies.

In addition to the many social aspects, living in a shared apartment also has financial advantages. The costs for rent, furnishings and consumables are shared by the flatmates. Thus, shared room living is also suitable for students with a small budget.


Disadvantages of shared room living

Living in a shared apartment with different personalities is not always easy. Often the hygiene standards of the roommates differ, and disputes arise. It is also important to agree in advance on the costs and especially on the distribution of additional costs. Otherwise, different opinions will collide fast.

Furthermore, loneliness is rarely an issue in a shared apartment. However, little to no privacy is not desired by everyone. Especially when it comes to focusing on important exams, you need your peace and quiet. 

If you are interested in our shared rooms, we would be happy to hear from you and even more so if you would like to make a reservation.

Questions regarding the process, the tenancy, the apartments etc. will be answered here.



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